29 octubre, 2020

The leadership to make the digital transformation happens (Key roles)

CEO and the Executive Committees

  • To commit to transformation and monitor progress.
  • To drive and reinforce the cultural change requiered.
  • To sell, resell and communicate the vision both, internally and externally.
  • To pick the right team members, motivate them, give them the right incentives and keep on track.

The Board

  • Defense: focusing on defense issues helps prevent serious problems for the Enterprise, including cyber risk, data privacy breaches, Service interruptions and compliance issues.
  • Oversiht: to be automated as much as possible.
  • Strategy: external speakers, internal leaders, case studies and younger employees.


A Chief Innovation Officer leads a new innovation Office and Council coordinating the various innovation efforts at the Enterprise, standardizing on a common methodology and language for innovation

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

The transformation’s success will rest on the Enterprise’s ability to integrate, creating a multiproduct, mutlchannel experience, or a single view of the customer or services that couple products with data.

CIOs spend their time:

  1. They spend more time with external customers (pain points).
  2. They obsessively focus on innovation (transformation, the experience and keep in fresh).
  3. Working with executive committees: dashboard, cybersecurity, IT governance (IoT, automation, data, digital assets in the Enterprises…)

Source: What’s your Digital Business Model? (Peter Weill, Stephanie L. Woerner)


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