29 octubre, 2020


To understand end customers better and act on that information:

  1. Gathering and using great information about customers’ life events: a better customer segmentation.
  2. Amplifying the customer voice inside the Enterprise: in every meeting room, in every decision, in every product design, every day, ALL THE TIME.
  3. Creating a culture of evidence-based decision making: platforms, customer information, APIs, Enterprise integration, CRM, Business-process, cloud services and digital identity of clients.
  4. Providing an integrated, multi product, multi channel, customer experience: meet the customer’s need in the context of their life events.

To be the first choice for a subset of customers (from value chain to Ecosystem Business Design)

  1. Being distinctive-and the first place your best customers go to when a need arises.
  2. Identifying and developing great partnerships and acquisitions with complementors or competitors.
  3. Service-enabling what makes you great (with exposed APIs): core business capabilities like producing a product.
  4. Developing efficiency, security, and compliance as competencies: data privacy, cyber threats, potential Service disruptions…

Source: What’s your Digital Business Model? (Peter Weill, Stephanie L. Woerner)


Amplia experiencia profesional adquirida en la multinacional de IT Atos, realizando Dirección de Proyectos y Desarrollo de Negocio. He colaborado como analista en el Fondo de Inversión especializado en marketplaces y clasificados MERCURIUS Early Investment. En la actualidad soy Director en la consultoría estratégica DIPCOM Corporate, SL y cofundador de EKAI CAPITAL PARTERNS, SL.

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